GoNightclubbing Archive
is available at the NYU Fales Library Downtown Collection

Pat Ivers and Emily Armstrong’s GoNightclubbing Archive is an unparalleled collection of 82 bands videotaped at 112 performances, more than two dozen on-camera interviews, and a remarkable assortment of music videos, video DJ reels, thousands of photographs and hundreds of pages of ephemera chronicling the late 70's punk scene. The GoNightclubbing Archive is stored digitally and integrated with Emily and Pat’s database of dates, locations, band lineups, set lists, and logs.
This is a video about the GoNightclubbing Archive at Fales Library.

Pat and Emily blogged the restoration process of their GoNightclubbing Archive for
the New York Times and New York Magazines news sites.
Visit their blog at: bedfordandbowery.com/category/nightclubbing

The Fales Library Downtown Collection has been collecting documentation of the downtown art scene since 1994. Included in the collection are the papers, and videos, of artists such as David Wojnarowicz, John Sex, Richard Hell, and Riot Grrrl.

For Marvin Taylor, director of the Fales Library and Special Collections, the GoNightclubbing Video Lounge offered the unique opportunity to present the collection as what he calls "embodied archival practice.” He told Art in America magazine, “It's one thing to take all of this material, digitize it, and show it as an archive. [But] if you're just watching all of this crazy footage in a bare reading room, what gets stripped out of that is the larger physical experience. This was an attempt to put the body back into the archive by trying to restore the original context."

Jake Yunza, Director of Public Programs at NYC’s Museum of Art and Design said of the museums recent GoNightclubbing screening series, "One must not forget that the GoNighclubbing Archive is not only an important historic document of American culture, but also exemplary and pioneering documentary filmmaking. Before MTV and widespread concert films, Armstrong and Ivers utilized the burgeoning medium of video to capture an important cultural movement from the inside. It was an honor to present the GoNighclubbing Archive at the Museum of Arts and Design. Give the public a chance play witness to a moment in time that changed American culture, as well as the shed light on two unique artists who helped open up new territory for the American documentary.”
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The GoNightclubbing Archive at Fales Library is available for study and research
by students, scholars and other interested persons.
Here is the link to the collection's on-line finding aid.

Video performances from the Archive can be licensed from GoNightclubbing, Ltd.
and photos are available for purchase.
For information about licensing and purchase contact emily@gonightclubbing.com

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